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The Decameron: A new project by Nomi Silverman

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

On this #workshopwednesday, Milestone is putting a spotlight one of our artists: Nomi Silverman 🙌

We are currently working on the beginning of a new book project in which Silverman has taken on the task of visually translating Giovanni Boccaccio's the Decameron into a series of lithographs.


The Decameron is a 14th century collection of novellas, sometimes nicknamed "The Human Comedy." It is famously situated in Italy during the time of the Black Death.

Leading the story are ten young individuals that have secluded themselves in a deserted countryside villa. In order to keep themselves entertained in the evenings when everyone has settled in the for the night, all the members of the party of ten take turns telling a story. By the end of the book, a two week time period, there have been one hundred stories told all together. The young narrators' stories have themes of fortune, virtuosity, power of human will, tragedy and happiness among others.

A detail shot from one of the first images

Nomi Silverman is on her way to create a book that represents each of these stories. The project will be comprised of ten volumes covering all themes of the stories. Each volume will include ten prints to elaborate on the respective theme.

Stay tuned to watch this journey unfold in the studio!

Click here to see more on Silverman's website.

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